April 22, 2024
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K40 Chinese Laser Cutter & Engraver – Unboxing and Getting Started – First Cut

On this video I'm doing my best to be short and still give all the information needed in order to power on the chinese laser for the first time...

OpenHab 2.5 and Raspberry Pi 4 – Complete Installation Guide

You’ve just got your RaspberrY Pi and you’re eager to install OpenHab on it to start your Smart Home jurney. Guess what, today’s video it’s...

Sonoff Tutorial – How to Install & How it Works – Google Assistant Integration

Sonoff - one of the best wifi switches out there - cheap and reliable AND compatible with google home and alexa. How it works and how to install it,...

Cat Water Fountain – DIY

Every animal lover knows what importance has the water. In today's video we're making a cat water fountain with filters and everything needed so your cat can have a...

How to turn on your Computer Remotely – MQTT Method

Today we're improving the last video tutorial, on how to turn on your computer remotely from anywhere in the world and we're using wemos D1 Mini Module with a...

How to turn on your Computer Remotely – DIY Tutorial

Powering on your PC from anywhere in the world is something that you wanted for a long time? Today we're making a very interesting DIY...

How to Install Arduino IDE Software – Installation Tutorial

In this video I will show you how to install Arduino IDE on your computer and how to set it up for ESP8266 modules. It is a must to...

3D Printed Camera Battery – Unlimited Power For Your Camera

While filming my projects inside, I’ve realised the need of a larger battery for my camera. As on my M50 camera the recording time...

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